About me & references

I was born in Hamburg and lived there in my youth. The private environment has brought me early to the cruise ships. The first photos of cruise ships I made at the beginning of the 1980s.

In 1998 I changed my place of residence from Hamburg to Cologne. A total of 14 years I have worked in travel agencies that specialize in cruises. After the wedding, a new place of residence followed from Cologne to Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany) in 2012. Here we use our excellent contacts to the cruise industry. My wife is the owner of her own travel agency. The short distances to all North German ports are a big advantage for new photos.

The time of the old classics such as "Eugenio Costa", "Achille Lauro", "Ivan Franko", "Britannis", "Amerikanis" & Co. are, unfortunately long over, but the cruise industry is still alive in the form of modern ocean liners and elegant mega-yachts. The photo hunting area are the following areas: All ports and rivers in Germany and nearby areas!

The best photo positions of each region are of course known by me. The plan is primarily to photograph the cruise ships sailing and not moored. Sometimes a lot of time has to be spent on taking good pictures.

For me it is important to photograph the cruise ships in optimal light conditions and in beautiful scenery. Only sometimes the ships are photographed even in bad weather.

Things are changing...

For some years now the focus of photography has changed again. More and more interior pics of cruise ships have been the focus of my photography. The inside pics are ordered by international companies and magazines. Since 2016, Oceanliner Pictures is the largest website with the most images in these topics.

Since 2011 member of the DFJ (German Photo Journalists Association).

New since 2019: Officially approved drone photos! I have all EU licenses A1, A2, A3 for drones.

The travel agency of my wife has also specialized in cruises. In recent years, I have been able to visit more than 140 cruise ships. Check out the travel agency: www.kreuzfahrten-mehr.de

Think internationally...

Many of my photos that Ive made in recent years can be seen on selected web pages and printed in international cruise magazines and cruise catalogs. Often, the images can also be found in travel magazines, in daily newspapers or quality calendars. Since a long time, cruise companies have also been among the preferred customers of the photos. From the years 2017-2021 you could order my own calendar from KOEHLER Verlag. A year later, a second calendar followed at Stürtz-Verlag in southern Germany (Abenteuer Kreuzfahrt). The projects were canceled because of the corona pandemic.

Motto: Not the camera technology makes the photo, but the photographer!

References: References, projects and clients are not public on this website. This regulation is for privacy reasons and because of the competitors.

All kinds of questions should be directed to o.asmussen@oceanliner-pictures.com

Last update: 21th January 2022

Oceanliner Pictures largest cruise ship poster - at the Airport Southampton (SOU)

MS Britannia am Southampton Airport Abflugbereich 08.06.2017

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